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Write a biography of at least five pages on a person who made a significant contribution to the field of psychology. You should include the following information:

-The person’s date of birth (and death), where the person lived and was educated.

-What his or her contribution was to psychology and why it was important.

-Explain the research the person conducted to reach his or her conclusions.

-If this person’s contribution is still a valid theory today or has it been refuted.

-Why you chose to write about this particular person.

You must cite the use of at least three sources. Use good grammar, correct sentence structure and spelling, and arrange and express information clearly while covering each of the points listed above. You must document your resources properly, and you must include a list of the sources that you used in compiling your paper. The final copy of this paper will be at least five pages with an additonal works cited page (six pages), neatly typed, twelve point font, and double spaced. Nothing larger than twelve point font. Use MLA style only.

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