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Critically analyse Amnesty International’s decision to exclude Nelson Mandela from its list of Prisoners of Conscience in the wake of his Rivonia address.


Assessment 2: Essay (2500 words)

In this assignment you are expected to:
1. Demonstrate an understanding of the history of the global human rights regime.
4. Critically reflect on the relation between human rights and neoliberal capitalism.
5. Demonstrate an understanding of the role of NGOs in shaping a global human rights culture.
6. Display effective research skills and analytical processes in investigating the cultural issues raised by the
rise of the global human rights regime.
Assessment Description
This is a major academic essay that requires all essay conventions such as use of academic sources and
appropriate referencing.
Total value: 60%
Assessment Requirements
Writing Style: Answers must have the appropriate syntax, spelling and general presentation.
Relevance: The content of answers must be relevant and directly respond to the question.
Well-informed: The essay requires that you research beyond the essential readings that have been
listed. You must undertake library/database research and include at least five academic references.
Your own thinking and your own words must be used:
Organisation: This should be a well-structured essay that follows a logical plan.
Referencing: The assessment must be properly referenced with an appropriate reference list.
Assessment and Marking Criteria
Poor Average. Good Very
Structure and organisation of essay
Understanding/explanation of relevant theory
Quality of explanation and interpretation
Link between case study & the theory discussed
Use of evidence and examples (in general)
Level of research
Overall presentation
Spelling and punctuation
Grammar and syntax
Sentence structure and clarity
Referencing: in text
Referencing: in bibliography

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