Franchise Opportunity Analysis

Franchise Opportunity Analysis

For this project, you will write a Franchise Opportunity Analysis You will select a company in your local marketplace that has a niche (for example, a cool coffee shop or a doggy daycare that offers unique services), and identify what makes the business a good fit for franchising. This business should NOT be currently sold as a franchised business. So, you would not be able to use Jimmy John’s but you could use Geno’s Cheesesteaks. Basically, think of the local “mom and pop” diner or bodega. You can use the same business that you discussed in learning activity in week 6.

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Then, Include the following information about the business. Be explicit about why you think the business is franchisable (refer to Andrew Friedman’s video and Carol Tice’s article from week 7’s assigned reading on determining franchise ability of the brand). Provide the following:

  1. Name of the business
  2. Brief overview of the business concept
  3. Why is it franchisable?
  4. What is the niche being filled?
  5. What else is similar in the marketplace (competition)?
  6. Who is the target market for the business?
  7. Your Power Point presentation should be 8-10 slides in length (not including title slide and reference slide).

Finally, you must sell the franchise to us. Incorporate into the presentation list out five features of the business and how those features could benefit a potential franchisee. Essentially, tell me why I should buy one of your franchises instead of your competitors.

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