Fsmt288 Week 2 Forum Responses


The fire department that I chose was the City of South Portland in Maine. The website is https://www.southportland.org/departments/fire-department/fire-divisions/fire-prevention-division/

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They have two different branches for fire prevention, one is prevention and code enforcement and the other is public education. The main thing to the prevention branch is that they conduct annual inspections of all commercial buildings and every three unit or bigger apartment complex. This take great strides in making sure that all buildings are up to code and meet all standards as long as they are done right.

As far as their public education branch it describes two different programs that they teach. The first program is called “Risk Watch” this program is targeted to children from preschool through eight grade. Through teaching about motor vehicle safety, fire and burn prevention, choking, suffocation and strangulation prevention, poisoning prevention, fall prevention, firearm injury prevention, bike and pedestrian safety, and water safety. This is designed to help children and families create safer homes and communities.

The risk watch link on the South Portland page is not working so I am providing another link to risk watch. https://www.prattvillepublicsafety.com/programs/risk-watch.html

The second program is Sparky’s Hazard House. This provides displays and live action demonstrations of house hazards.

The Sparky’s Hazard House link is not working as well so I have provided a link to the company. https://www.prattvillepublicsafety.com/programs/risk-watch.html

I believe that the risk watch program can assist greatly in helping kids. Teaching them about different things at home and around the community. Although nothing takes place of talking to your kids, but having these programs can help kids keep a lookout in the community too. Maybe they see something that you don’t.

The Sparky’s hazard house is along the same lines, although this can allow a child to see what might happen.

These programs assist the fire department as well, it gets people out in the community and allows the kids to talk to them and be around them. This can create a safe zone so in case of fire or something the kids may not be as scared when they see a firefighter in an emergency.

On the page they also have links to safety tips on various different equipment.





For this assignment, I picked one of my former departments, Sacramento Metropolitan Fire Protection District. Their CRRP website can be found at https://www.metrofire.ca.gov/index.php/about-crrd. They are located in Sacramento, California, and serve just about everywhere within Sacramento County that is not a major incorporated municipality of its own.

They cover plans examination services and the different ways, including online, to submit plans for the process. They thoroughly cover the steps for getting plans approved as well. They provide the means to get a hold of the Fire Marshal and the Inspectors on staff. They provide downloadable copies of the different regulations governing the district. They provide a sign up chance for their newsletter which covers their current efforts and disseminates information from the Fire Board of the district and other news. They offer help with weed abatement to reduce the risks of grass fires. They provide residential wildfire risk assessment guides. They provide the means to report or self-report issues that are hazardous to the inspectors for them to mitigate. They provide instructions on how to create a fire break around their structures. They cover the Community Wildfire Protection Plan and information regarding implementing it within the communities and homes. They provide information on their inspection programs and fee schedules and assessments. And they have an entire page dedicated to forms, brochures, publications, posters and other materials to allow for the free communication of their messages and warnings to build community resiliency to the risks facing them.

Overall, they have a robust program that works hard to ensure that everyone within the community is given the best chance to have information on how to ensure they risks are reduced. I truly feel this is an exemplary program and while I lived and worked under them, I found it to help the public in many ways to prevent incidents or lessen the effects of incidents that could not be prevented.

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