Fsmt340 Week 8 Forum And Responses

Arson investigation includes a multitude of steps and considerations that we have only been able to skim in this course. Please reflect on 1) your favorite part of the course and 2) something you would change about the course.



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Overall I have had a lot of information learned from this course.  I really enjoyed the material. Fire Investigation has always been a priority and interest of mine.  I strive very hard to pick up as much as I can from each class and would honestly say I got a lot out of this one.  I would like to note that this is the only course I am taking this semester that has asked for feedback and I think that’s important.

I will offer one pro and one con that are chief to me.  The pro is that the weekly response from the instructor were were all different.  Most courses offer the same response to everything, but I noticed here the responses are more personal.  The con is a potential project I would offer in place of other assignments. In writing my papers I spoke with local investigators and pulled reports from previous fires and I think it was what I learned the most from.  Also, it was great to interface with these important people in my department and our mutual aid partners departments.


This course and how we only skimmed the surface of arson investigation. On the this final and last forum I will cover my favorite parts of the course and the areas I learned the most from and will used in my career field as a fire inspector.  The topics that were my favorite were training events and reading buildings and conditions.

Favorite topics covered during this class was training events and reading buildings and conditions. Training events in my career I have several accidents do to lack of safety and not following protocols. In reading buildings and condition with my job as a fire inspector this was resourceful and good training and insight on the topic to better my understanding on it.

This class was great on information for arson investigations and even though it just skimmed the surface on the information and recommendations how to prevent these incidents from happening. And just like rules the reason their there is because someone did it something to cause it and it put firefighters at risk or even lost there life due to it.

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