Fsmt405 Week 8 Review Questions

Chapter 16

1.  What is meant by postincident thought patterns?

2.  Compare and contrast the role of the ISO in informal and formal PIA.

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3.  Explain the role of the ISO in accident investigation according to NFPA standards.

4.  What types of mishaps should be investigated by the ISO, and when should the ISO recuse himself or herself from an investigation?

5.  What are the five parts of the accident chain?

6.  What are the three steps of accident investigation?

7.  What are the six pieces of information that should be collected for an accident investigation?

8.  What basic information should be collected from a witness during an investigation?

9.  How should a complete disregard for safety be handled during the recommendation phase of an accident investigation?

10.  What is meant by an atypical stressful event? What types of incidents could it refer to?

11.  List several signs and symptoms that might suggest a responder is experiencing occupational stress.

12.  What is a “time-out” defusing, and how is it different than a debriefing?

13.  List several resources that can be used to assist those who are exposed to occupational stress.

Chapter 17

1.  List four planned, nonincident events that can benefit from the assignment of a separate, dedicated SO.

2.  What are the planning issues that the SO should cover with an instructor-in-charge?

3.  What is meant by shadowing, and how does it fit into a process to train new ISOs?

4.  List the three training/exercise steps that should take place prior to a full-scale drill for non-fire-agency participants.

5.  What steps can be taken to minimize stress and improve the safety of no-notice drills?

6.  Identify the steps that can be taken to reduce liabilities associated with live-fire firefighter training events.

7.  Define the instructor ratios and assignments that are mandated for live-fire training events.

8.  What is a live-fire training safety team and who should it include?

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