Fundamental Analysis Project(reports)

The company : McCafe


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Top-down report:

1 –

Country-level assessment

(GDP, inflation, consumer sentiment – what do you think is

important for your company?)

2 –

Industry-level assessment

(What industry measures are important to your company, and

why?) Use IBISWorld or ABInform.

2a –

Pick no less than 3 different companies

which are

closely related

to your chosen


3 –

Company-level assessment


3a – What is this company and what do they do? What are their threats and opportunities

over the next quarter/year/3 years? (in your own words)

3b – How well have they done over the past few years?

3c – based on their past performance and 1 and 2 above, how do you think they’ll do in

the next 12 months?

3d – Report 10 different performance ratios and explain them in your own words.

Compare your company to their peers’ scores on those same performance ratios. How is

your company doing compared to their peers?

3e – Report 5 different valuation methods, value your company using them, and explain

each of them in your own words.

3f – Provide your estimate of share price for the next 4 quarters, and justify your price.

Your year-ahead estimate is the most important.

4 –

make an overall recommendation of the company

. Buy? Hold? Sell? Why did you come

to this conclusion? Your recommendation in this part is based on your year-ahead share price

estimate. What are some threats to your recommendation?

–add graphic!!

–like a report!!

–don’t write like a essay!!

–include some graphic!!

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