Using a classification schema from the text or one discovered in your current research for Module One (include example and citations), apply the classification of gangs to the information gathered in module one to explain and identify local gang types, activities and norms (3-4 pages with appropriate citations)

Purpose: To discover the issues and problems in creating classifications for gangs including a definition which delineates what constitutes a gang and differentiates it from other social and sports groups. What is the definition of a team? The text provides an overview of some research into these issues.

  1. Read the Text, Chapters 7-13.
  2. Using research studies from the text as a beginning point, going to one of the online resources such as theNational Youth Gang Center or local sources, research classification approaches for Gangs. Also check library databases and External Links.
  3. Compare at least three approaches to classify gang data acquired in Module One. What types of gangs are in evidence using each approach? How do you know that? Does this classification provide any specific insights or information about gangs in the Community?
  4. What problems did you encounter in applying that classification to your data? How representative is that of other efforts?
  5. Create your report (3-4 pages). Include a brief statement on your process (2-3 paragraphs) and appropriate citations (APA Style).

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