GB560 PUG Introducing Robots Within a Healthcare Facility Paper

Your assignment is to apply PMBOK concepts to enable a business process change to occur based on your chosen scenario from the topics below.

Choose one of the following topics:

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-A retirement home wants to acquire self-drive vehicles to enable their elderly residents to shop around the corner from the retirement home.

-A Hospice Care facility wants to introduce robots to converse with patients and relay and complete simple patient requests.

-A building manufacturer wants to institute virtual reality tours of building sites in 3D for clients to save on gas and time.

-You can identify a business process change at your current or former employer. You will be responsible for maintaining information confidential.


  • Select one specific activity to be performed within the process change and explain the process (Ex: For a rebranding of a toothpaste you might specify the decision making process used to determine how to repackage the product.)
  • Explain where that selected activity would be performed within the organization and who would perform the task and manage it, measure it, and evaluate task completion. Make sure you separate out the information requested. Do not place the information in a large block paragraph.
  • Delineate and describe the differences between measuring human performance and task completion.
  • Describe how Six Sigma would be used to evaluate, measure, and encourage continuous improvement concerning the scenario topic you chose.
  • Provide an original fishbone diagram that addresses one risk, a potential defect, or a problem that may result from the change which may impact goal attainment.
  • Explain the value of your fishbone diagram as a visual representation.

Your response to these questions should be in an essay format with correct spelling and grammar and 3–5 pages in length not including a title page and references page. Your Word document should follow APA format and citation style. See “APA Style Central” in the Academic Tools area of the course for additional help with APA.

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