GCU Importance of Having Scheduled “check-Ins” or “check Points” to Monitor and Assess Your Mentee’s Progress Discussion Response

Initial Question:

Discuss the importance of having scheduled “check-ins” or “check points” to monitor and assess your mentee’s progress. Why is consistent follow-up critical to your mentee’s success?

Respond to this:

Tracking progress is critical to a mentoring program. When tracking progress, the mentor can see if the mentee is or has met benchmarks that are set for him/her. As you give them advice and help them take discernible steps in the right direction, request that the mentee report back on their accomplishments. In order to be effective, check-ins should be specific rather than general (MentorCloud, 2015).

By having regular check in’s this will help the mentee learn accountability. Learning accountability and responsibility will help the mentee to progress and meet goals that are set. The check in will help to evaluate the mentee and determine if any changes should occur to the plan. There may be aspects that need fine tuned as the plan progress is evaluated. When a meeting occurs, and progress is evaluated the mentor can present follow-up recommendations that meeting or take the time between check in’s to evaluate and re-focus the mentee to keep them on track. These are also critical values for a mentee to learn and carry over into every aspect of their life. We should all practice accountability and responsibility.

MentorCloud. (2015, March 23). The Accountability Factor: Teaching Mentees to Take Ownership. Retrieved August 16, 2019, from https://www.mentorcloud.com/mentorcloud-blog/2015/…

Use APA, no title page needed, at least one scholarly reference.

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