1.Generate between 5-10 hypotheses (dependent variable : liberal or conservative for your justice (Antonin Scalia)

2. Connect your hypotheses with the data by identifying where and how those variables are located in the Supreme Court Database.

My hypothesis are attached

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note from the professor : You need additional hypotheses beyond issue areas. The hypotheses that you’ve identified are overly broad especially with respect to privacy and unions. What is the reasoning behind federalism, judicial power, and economic activity? I strongly recommend you get more specific and targeted with each of these issue areas and also think about how his academic background might be used to form a hypothesis or two.

Characteristics of a good hypothesis:

  • Theoretically grounded and based on literature
  • Specifies the relationship between two (or more) variables o Predicts one (or more) causal factors will produce a single effect
  • Makes a testable comparison using empirical data Examples of good hypotheses for Justice Clark

I attached the professor examples file, my hypothesis,supreme court database, and some helpful information

Please read the teacher examples and provide me with better hypothesis

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