George Mason University BJs Restaurants Company Description Paper

create a 1-page document that describes the company BJs Restaurants, based on information from the most recent 10-K. Unlike the Bloomberg Overview, which involves 4 documents that must be submitted by each member of the group, this deliverable is a well-organized and well-written document with complete sentences, paragraphs, etc. that should be submitted in hard copy by one member of the team.

In the document, students should provide:

The name of the firm

Where it’s headquartered

What activities it conducts

What industry it is in

How large it is

Some key risks facing the firm

How the firm’s stock has performed relative to the overall market (if this is not provided in item 5, then you can use your output from the Bloomberg overview).

Grades for this description will be based on how well-written the document is, whether all pieces of information are provided, and the quality of the description, which is based largely on whether the description would provide an unknowledgeable person with an understanding of what the firm does, how large it is, what risks it faces, and how its stock has performed.

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