gk essay

I need you to do research paper in an essay format about 6 thing that i have selected. you only have to choose 3 out of 6. However, you have to choose 1 from each section. that’s mean 1 from person, 1 from places, and 1 from things. I will send you a word file that has all the instructions. the file has 3 things. the first thing is the question with some explanation what you have to do. after that you will see the 6 GK that i have selected. after that you will see explanation about 7 p plan, and what does she mean by 7 p plan. the essay should be talking about general knowledge such as why did you choose these 3 GK, what did you learn from them etc… . It does not matter how long the essay should be 2 or 3 pages.

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