Grand Canyon University: How Six Sigma and Design Thinking Stifle Innovation Discussion

Initial question:

Identify three catalysts to enable innovativeness. Explain how they would enable innovation in your organization.

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Here is my post:

Processes are a significant factor that stimulates innovativeness. Innovative companies have processes which drive innovation. In such organizations, individuals and teams utilize a structured creative process such as Design Thinking and Lean Six Stigma. Innovation-driven processes cut across three levels; that is, individual, group, and enterprise levels (Baporikar, 2015). Also, innovative organizations put in place processes that allow them to select and fund new ideas which create a way for innovation. For instance, my organization can create a budget meant explicitly for supporting innovative ideas as well as put in place a department to encourage idea generation.

Offerings are another aspect that drives innovativeness. Huge innovations involve more than products to include transformative services, channels, and processes. Organizational offerings extend to the relationship between their services and their customers. Such offerings transform the way people consume and perceive an organization’s products. The case of Intuit, a software development company that turned from just satisfying customers to delighting them is an example of how offerings can drive innovation (Martin, 2011). For instance, my organization can offer information on product designs for its customers.

Another driver of innovation is the team. Although individuals can make things happen, in other cases, they cannot do everything by themselves. Innovation demands different skills ranging from invention, funding, development, and patenting, which can only be found in a team rather than one person (Baporikar, 2015). Organizations should emphasize on developing an effective and collaborative team to ensure innovation has a conduce environment. Skill sets demand training processes that each team member can work with comfortably. For instance, my organization can involve its team in a commonly understood innovation and creative manner to increase the probability of realizing value-driven innovation.


Baporikar, N. (2015). Drivers of Innovation. Knowledge Management for Competitive Advantage During Economic Crisis, 250-270.

Martin, R. (2011). The innovation catalysts. Harvard Business Review, 89(6), 82-87.

Respond to this response from my instructor.

In such organizations, individuals and teams utilize a structured creative process such as Design Thinking and Lean Six Stigma.

Is there a chance or a time where processes could stifle innovation?

APA, at least one scholarly reference. 200 words

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