Grantham Complete Public Speaking Task Twice (Mccalaster’s/jones)

TWO STUDENTS HAVE THE SAME CLASS, SO YOU WILL COMPLETE THIS TWICE BUT YOUR ANSWERS MUST BE DIFFERENT! Make sure to upload on separate documents with turnitin reports.


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1) Read the Instructions

2) View the video by clicking the link or copying it into your browser:

3) Answer questions

4) Submit your answers via the Blackboard DropBox.

For this discussion, you will start by watching a video clip of Les Brown speaking to many audiences – clips of various speeches. To view the speech, click on the video link above or copy and paste it into your browser. If you have problems with buffering, drag the circular flow icon on the red bar back the beginning. You should always have more red ahead of the bar than behind it. Once you have viewed the video, please post your response to ALL of the following questions. Make sure to provide thorough full sentence answers with examples from the video for each question.

Number each of your answers to the following questions. You do not have to rewrite the questions:

1. Describe Les Brown’s body language?

2. What does his voice say about his belief in the message?

3. List two key points made in his speeches?

4. Whatdidyoulearnfromthisvideoaboutpublicspeaking?

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