Grantham Emotional Bullying Cyberbullying and Physical Bullying Paper

Task # 3

Review an article on professionalism or ethical behavior as related to educators

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Below are some suggested topics:

Unethical Situations Involving Students

Electronic Communications with Students

Transporting Students

Contact with Students

Situations Involving Professional Ethics

Use of Social Network

DUI Convictions

Teacher Documentation

Situations Involving Community and Family

Teacher Public Behavior

Student Confidentiality

Teacher Using Position for Personal Gain

Situations Involving Bullying Introduction to Situations Involving Bullying

Emotional Bullying


Physical Bullying

Article Review Format

Article Title: The name of the article

Author(s): Who wrote the article?

Keywords: These should be keywords that describe the most important topic of the article. For example, if someone were searching for this article on the internet, what words would they type in to find the article? Examples: gender, product vs. process, health, creativity, empty calories, etc.

Reviewer: This is where your name goes!

Introduction: Very short introduction to the article; one or two sentence summary at most. For example, what does this article relates to?

Abstract and Overview: Short summary of the article. True abstracts are no more than 100/150 words and are at one paragraph.

Synthesis: Here is where you actually “review” the article. What is the most important conclusion of the article or the most important part from your point of view? How, does this article inform you? What did you learn from the article? Are there points in the article with which you agree or disagree? Why do you agree or disagree? Pull it all together–what conclusions do you feel is the most important?

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