Grantham Univercity Healthcare Managers Discussion


Healthcare managers

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Health care organizations (HCOs) are complex systems. They train and organize resources such as staff, manage buildings full of medical equipment such as hospital beds, x-ray machines, and intravenous pumps, and provide services such as diagnosis, surgery, and a host of treatments. The end game is to maintain good health, return those with illness/injury to optimal health, and allocate a scarce resource. Management for these complex systems used to hold business degrees. Increasingly, they are being required to hold degrees in health care leadership. Emerging health systems require increasing sophistication from leaders who understand how to work in teams, optimize use of staff, and create a shared vision of the future.

View the video: Seven Challenges Facing Today’s Health Care Leaders

Illustrate the 7 challenges in health care.

Include the following aspects in the discussion:

  • Briefly outline the 7 challenges
  • Rank each of the 7 challenges
  • Determine the best leadership style to meet the challenges
  • Discuss your peers ranking


Health information technology

Modern computer science presents opportunities for individuals, clinicians, and payers to have a fuller picture of a patient’s health history, streamlining and enabling informed decision making. No longer in paper form, health information is increasingly ready to be transmitted electronically and analyzed using sophisticated software that increase the quality of care for patients. At the same time, this environment also poses new challenges and opportunities for protecting individually identifiable health information as hackers are always looking to compromise systems.

Investigate health information technology (HIT) organizations

Include the following aspects in the discussion

  • Select the following link: 15 Top HIT Security Initiatives
  • Choose one of the HIT organizations, click on the link, and explore the site
  • Discuss with your peers the most important aspects to your chosen HIT organization


This discussion has two questions. Please answer both questions.

Question A

Laboratory. Lab panels are used frequently in medicine. Find the lab panels and provide those codes in your response. Think and comment about this question. Why do you think the AMA created lab panels? When you comment on fellow students’ posts, do you agree with their posts and why or why not?

Question B

Radiology. Some radiology codes include the phrase “with contrast”, “without contrast” and “without contrast followed by contrast” What is contrast and What purpose does contrast serve? What should a radiologist take into consideration when he/she decides to use contrast? Give examples of CPT code with the words “with contrast”, without contrast” and “without contrast followed by contrast”. When you comment on fellow students’ posts, are their examples sound? Why or why not, and if not, explain.

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