Grantham University Coca Cola Company Market Share Paper

Choose a publicly held company that you would like to use as a research subject for your project. Please READ the attached instructions and follow them closely.

Part 1 – focus is on the overview of the company. What is its strategy, mission, vision, objectives, etc.

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This is Chapter #1, 2, 3 and 4 Concept Review

Note: Market Share is NOT a stock quote or market cap data etc. Market share is related to the overall share that your particular company has of the industry that it operates in. It is usually stated as a %.

As stated in Investing Answers:

What it is:

Market share refers to a company’s portion of saleswithin the entire market in which it operates. This metric indicates a company’s size within its market.

How it works (Example):

The formula for market share is:

Market Share = (Particular Company’s Sales Revenue in Time Period X) / (Relevant Market’s Total Sales Revenue in Time Period X)

Let’s assume Company XYZ sells $50 million a year in widgets. If the total amount of widgets sold from all companies within the market totals $100 million, then Company XYZ has a market share equal to 50%.

Market Share = ($50 million) / ($100 million)


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