Grantham University Economic Growth and Environmental Issues Research


The research paper will give you an opportunity to explore in some depth a topic of interest to

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you pertaining to some aspect of the field of Quantitative Analysis. The paper should be based on your own original research. The assignment is worth 10 percent of your overall course grade.

The class is: Applied Decision Methods

You will create the short outline first and attach

THEN you will write the actual paper based on the chosen topic from the outline


Research Paper Proposal Instructions

Each student must submit a word document that describes your paper in detail. The document must include the following:

Title – Give a descriptive title for your paper.

Description – Write a paragraph or two about what you intend to explore.

Data sources – Give at least three (3) solid references beyond the textbook that will support your data needs.



The research paper should include the following key elements:

  • A motivated thesis or main argument of some kind. (Just like in a shorter paper, a research paper should have a central thesis or argument as well as a clear explanation of some tension, puzzle, or question that makes the thesis interesting and important.)
  • Your own original research, drawn from one or a combination of the following: academic or popular cultural books, journal articles, medical texts, interviews, participant observation fieldwork, an analysis of websites or media images, etc. Be sure to cite your sources well and to provide lots of rich evidence and examples.
  • Your own analysis of the information. (Be sure to avoid just a simple long descriptive presentation of information without any analysis or argument.)
  • Remember: Your research paper must make use of at least three (3) reference sources.
  • Structure:

    1. Title page.

    2. Abstract page. Write a few paragraphs describing the information covered in the


    3. Table of Contents page including list of tables and/or list of figures if appropriate.

    4. Body organized into sections with headings.

    a. Introduction should be like Abstract with some teasers to reader to what is in the


    b. Research Question tells the reader exactly what the purpose and scope of your

    GBA-334 Research Paper Assignment 3 Spring 1, 2019

    research will be.

    c. Review of Literature describe what you learned from readings you accessed during your research.

    d. Methodology tells the reader how you conducted your research as an aid in case they would like to repeat or extend your research.

    e. Results explains to the reader the results of your research.

    f. Conclusions describe what you learned after completing your research. Use this information to create a recommendation for areas where the research can be applied or extended.

    5. Works Cited or References all reference citations shall be in APA format. The paper is submitted via portal tool and will check the originality of your paper. An originality score of 25 percent or less is considered acceptable.


    The paper should be at least 1,500 words, double-spaced, using a sans-serif font set at font size 12 with 1-inch margins on all sides. Pages must be numbered (except title page).


    APA formatting is required for this paper. This paper should be considered business or scholarly writing. This style would be used if you were asked by your employer to create a report on the topic. Spelling, grammar and punctuation are important. If you need some help in this area, try to use campus writing lab, online writing lab resources (like Purdue’s Online Writing Lab), or other resources you may find locally.

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