Grantham University Marriage Anniversary Outline for Speech Assignment


OCCASSION: MY PARENTS 30th Anniversary

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Special Occasion Speech Assignment – 50 pts.

1. For your final speech, you will deliver a 1 ½ -4 minute toast, which is a speech of celebration.

2. Expectations:

•Tailor your toast to the personality of the honoree and the event.

•Choose from the following occasions: ◦Wedding ◦Retirement ◦Birthday ◦Business transaction (signing of a contract, a promotion) ◦Anniversary – marriage, death, years in business, etc. ◦Graduation ◦Bar Mitzvah◦Grand Opening ◦Award /Congratulations Party after to honor the winner

•You can use part of a poem, a famous speech, a quote or even a portion of a love letter in your toast.

•Be sincere – even if the event is made up, present it as if it were real.

•Refrain from making negative remarks since a toast is a speech of celebration – this is a toast not a roast!

•Don’t make the honoree feel embarrassed – saying things that would make the honoree ashamed or dampen the upbeat mood.

•Practice your toast, with glass in hand, until you can give it fluidly. Do not read to your audience. Memorization is better than reading for this type of speech.

3. Although many toasts do not include a visual aid, I am requiring one for this speech. This visual aid can be a picture or an item representing the person or event. It does not have to be a PowerPoint.

4. You can make this speech fun! Feel free to be creative in picking/describing your event and honoree – the occasions listed above can be anywhere for anyone. Just remember to stay within the assignment guidelines and be tactful!

5. Please bring an extra copy of your full sentence, typed outline to class the night of your speech for your instructor. An example outline is provided on the following page.Place in the drop box if you are an online student.

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