Grantham University Tesla Inc Business policy Discussion

My company is Tesla Inc. my company info is attached

Conduct an External Assessment of the company that you have chosen as your research project target. On Page 37 you will find seven questions used in assessing a company’s eternal environment. Use this as a guide for your work. All responses must be support with factual information from books, articles, 10K company filings, internet postings, company press releases, etc. Document where the information is gathered from. Note APA rules and plagiarism guidelines.

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1 – Do macro-environmental factors and industry characteristics offer sellers opportunities for growth and attractive profits?

2 – What kinds of competitive forces are industry members facing, and how strong is each force?

3 – What forces are driving industry change, and what impact will these changes have on competitive intensity and industry profitability?

4 – What market positions do industry rivals occupy—who is strongly positioned and who is not?

5 – What strategic moves are rivals likely to make next?

6 – What are the key factors of competitive success?

7 – Does the industry outlook offer good prospects for profitability?

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