Grantham University Walmart Pay System Compensation Report

Project Outline

Choosing a company to examine and revise its Pay System, addressing each of the parts of the Pay Model.

I picked Walmart

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You will assess the internal Alignment, Competitiveness, Contribution, and Management and what can be improved from the perspective of an HR Consultant and employee. Including an objective, at least 750 words.

You should include outside sources as they relate to your findings and assessments.

If you believe that a certain aspect of the Pay Model is good as is for the chosen company, explain why so and include an example of a company or organization that would benefit from what the chosen Company is strong in and provide recommendation for the company as to how to move in the right direction.

If you find that there is an area that your featured company can improve, demonstrate how it can improve by highlighting the company or entities that demonstrates this strength.


The project Includes PowerPoint presentation of the Team Project with notes and at least 10 slides

Run your Slideshow and if you have videos, embed it in the presentation.

Include voice overs.

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