Grantham WK5 Teams and Communication: Business Management Email Task

Principles of Business Management – Week 5 Assignment

Teams and Communication

During the next four weeks, we will work on creating a summary report that features the management operations of Camp Bow Wow. Over the past four weeks we have been covering information related to planning, organizing, leading, and controlling, so the summary report will offer a good method to demonstrate your knowledge of these concepts.

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Camp Bow Wow is a dog boarding and grooming franchise with over 150 units in the U.S. and Canada that generated more than $100 million in revenue in 2017. Camp Bow Wow generates revenue through the boarding, daycare, feeding and full-service grooming, training, and in-home pet care services. Camp Bow Wow has developed an evolved business model that provides structure and supervision for dogs, while providing them the freedom and running room to be their joyful selves. (Source

One of the key elements of Camp Bow Wow’s success is by being innovative and having multiple ways to generate income. Off-leash dog parks have become very popular in many communities. Some off-leash dog parks are free, while others charge a membership fee. For this assignment, you are taking on the role of a Camp Bow Wow General Manager, and have been asked by the franchise owner, Susan Bell, to explore the idea of developing a Camp Bow Wow Dog Park. Adjacent to Susan’s Camp Bow Wow Location, she also owns a 10-acre vacant lot that is zoned correctly for a dog park.

Susan is considering forming a task force and is asking for your opinion on the dog park idea. You love the idea and have offered to lead and create a team to generate a summary report. You are wanting to advance in the company and you understand that Susan is a hands-on owner; so you are prepared to give her lots of detail on about how you will meet this challenge.

This week’s assignment will be to submit the first section of the summary report that includes; how you will plan, organize, lead, and control the formation of this taskforce of 5 employees of your choosing, and how you will effectively communicate with the taskforce team members as well as your boss, Susan Bell.

Camp Bow Wow Employees that are available

Lucy – Assistant Office Manager – 6 years at Camp Bow Wow –

Van – Dog Boarding Supervisor – 5 years at Camp Bow Wow –

Linus – Dog Groomer / Kennel Operations – 1 years at Camp Bow Wow –

Schroder – Pet Care Specialist – 4 years at Camp Bow Wow – Pet First Aid & CPR Certified Staff

Patty – Dog Trainer – 4 years at Camp Bow Wow – Pet First Aid & CPR Certified Staff

Sally – Kennel Specialist – 3 years at Camp Bow Wow –

Franklin – Customer Service – 3 years at Camp Bow Wow – Previous worked at a veterinary clinic

Violet – Customer Service – 2 years at Camp Bow Wow – Has a degree in landscape architect

Marcie – Customer Service – 3 years at Camp Bow Wow –

Charles – Customer Service – 4 years at Camp Bow Wow –

Shermy – Customer Service – 1 years at Camp Bow Wow –

Frieda – Customer Service – 10 years at Camp Bow Wow –

Penny – Customer Service – 3 years at Camp Bow Wow –

Eudora – Customer Service – 1 years at Camp Bow Wow –

To get started, you have decided to send Susan an email to let her know that you would like to volunteer to lead this project. Your first task of this project is to complete the missing sections of this email (select link to download template).

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