Grossmont College Marketing Plan Presentation

Each student will prepare a Marketing Plan for the development of a new product or service in any industry of his/her choice. This is not a company analysis. Therefore, students are not allowed to select an existing product or company. Students must generate a new idea to launch the product/service in the market. This assignment requires a Marketing Plan written report and Power Point presentation slides. Every student will be allotted 5 minutes for the presentation NO MORE THAN 6 PAGES. Students are encouraged to review the sample Marketing Plan listed in the textbook on page 60 – 64. The Marketing Plan should include the following sections and student’s written report and presentation will be graded based on these sections:

1) Executive Summary

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2) Introduction (product description, product category, and industry for the product)

3) Marketing Objectives

  1. 4) Market Analysis a. STP (Segmenting, Targeting, Positioning) Analysis
  2. b. SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat) Analysis
  3. c. Competitors Analysis
  4. d. Environment Analysis
  5. e. Market Opportunity Analysis
  6. 5) Marketing Strategy a. Product Strategy
  7. b. Pricing Strategy
  8. c. Distribution Strategy
  9. d. Promotional Strategy
  10. 6) Financials
  11. 7) Implementation Plan

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