Health change experience(quit smoking).

Health change experience(quit smoking).

The journal is an opportunity for you to express the process of change and your personal reaction to this experience. Your journal entries should be one to two typed pages in length. AIDress one question listed below in the appropriate week as part of your journal entry.
Week 1: How do you anticipate your intervention will work
Week 2: What obstacles do you anticipate you will encounter while making this behavioral change
Week 3: Review one recent research article related to your project. Your review of findings need be only 1-2 paragraphs
Week4: An Analysis of how you acquired the undesired behavior and how it has effected your life
Week 5: How has the change influenced your self image
Week 6 : How has this behavioral change changed your social interactions
Week 7: What has been the hardest part about your change process this far
Week 8: An evaluation of your treatment intervention plan and how you would do it differently if you could do it over
At the end of class you will be asked to put together a final power point presentation based on your project. It should be no longer than 5-10


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