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Essay/short answer questions are used, you are expected to provide in-depth responses to the questions. Proper citation of reference material is expected and required.

  • In your own words explain, are entrepreneurs born or made?
  • In your own words, what is a venture capitalist?
  • In your own words, explain three of the nine building blocks for managers to use in developing an innovative and effective business model.
  • What is a competitive advantage? How does marketing contribute to the creation of a competitive advantage?
  • What is market segmentation? List the steps in the market segmentation process.
  • Discuss several reasons why marketers continue to have a difficult time understanding, predicting, and explaining consumer behavior.
  • In your own words, what are the characteristics of the four types of business legal entities?
  • How does the cultural environment affect international marketing activities?
  • Describe the advantages and disadvantages of a flat versus tall organizational structure.
  • Explain the concept of employees as stakeholders in your own words


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