High Probability Request Sequence (HPRS)

High Probability Request Sequence (HPRS)

Project description

Describe two separate behaviors that would be good candidates for the use of an antecedent intervention through either the use of Non-Contingent

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Reinforcement (NCR) or the High Probability Request Sequence (HPRS).

For each behavior, discuss the specifics of how you would use the antecedent intervention to change the behavior, and include details regarding

whether or not the method of change which you selected used either abolishing operations or establishing operations, and why/how. Please make sure to

avoid mentalistic terms, such as want and focus on using the technical terminology of behavior analysis.

Also, make sure you discuss why you would choose your strategy, making sure to note matching treatment to the function of problem behavior.

Finally, describe how unintended consequences may arise when using antecedent interventions, any ethical considerations that are unique to these

approaches to behavior change, and why these methods of change are often combined with other intervention strategies.


Describe a different behavior from one that you detailed in the first discussion that you believe would be a good candidate for use with the

Functional Communication Training (FCT) method or behavior change. Again, make sure you aIDress in what circumstances you would choose this strategy,

making sure you give attention to matching this method with the function of problem behavior.

Discuss the specifics of how you would use this antecedent intervention to change your clients behavior, and why it is considered an antecedent

intervention. Make sure to include details regarding whether or not this method used either abolishing operations or establishing operations, and why

this is important to note.

Describe any unintended consequences or behaviors that might arise when using this method of behavior change, and how you might plan for these

unintended changes ahead of time. How can unintended behavior changes impact upon other behaviors already in a clients behavioral repertoire?

What are some of the unique ethical concerns that go along with implementing this type of behavior change plan?

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