How to authentic assessment in family engagement?

This is two part assignment:

Produce the Assignment submission in a single Microsoft Word or Open

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Office document. Be sure to cite your sources, use APA style as

required, check your spelling.

Assignment: Part 1

Review Questions:

1. In order to obtain the best response from a child in an assessment situation, what factors need to be considered?

2. In what way can teachers use assessment data to successfully fulfill their responsibilities?

3. Explain the difference between the “halo” effect and the leniency factor as described in your text.

4. What is an ecomap?

5. Describe the benefits of observational assessment.

6. Explain what parent-teacher partnership or collaboration means.

7. If a large proportion of family members want to be involved in their youngster’s education, why is parent involvement still a problem?

8. What characteristics of parent involvement can be varied?

9. Why should the teacher take the time to send home a one or two line note about the child’s successes?

10. What kind of content could be included in a classroom level newsletter and why would that type of content be important to share?

11. Describe how your interaction with a family whose child has a disability would differ from one that has a typically developing child.

12. Why provide the parents of very young children who are in a program for the first time with a guide for participation in a parent conference


1. Explain what is meant by the concept “authentic assessment and evaluation” and how you would implement it in an early childhood classroom. Discuss the strengths and limitations of using standardized tests with young children

2. The school in which you work shares assessment with parents by sending home report cards at the end of each semester. Explain any changes you would make in order to better share assessment information with parents.

Assignment:Part 2 Learning Project: Preschool Centers.

Create five centers for children in a preschool. Provide activities for a three-day rotation. That is, three activities for each center.

  1. Include the name of the Center (e.g., Art Center)
  2. Identify the language and writing goals for each center. Each center should have a writing component.
  3. List all materials and step-by-step directions for each center. Include illustrations/pictures to match the written list of materials and list of directions to guide students.
  4. Create a checklist of skills that you expect students to demonstrate as they engage in each center. This checklist should be created for teachers to use as they observe and monitor students to ensure that students are meeting the language and writing goals. The checklist can be used for all five centers.

This is one assignment for whole group to collaboratively complete together. Complete the agreement sheet for group project roles that clearly defines what each person in the group will do (e.g. leader, editor etc.) and what is each person’s responsibility for the parts of the project. Everyone earns a “group grade” for the quality of the entire assignment, even for parts the student did not create. That is, the grade is for the “whole,” not the “parts”. This should be 80% of the project grade. Rate each group members of each other as part of the grade (20%). That is, did each member contribute equally and fulfill the expectations of the group project agreement?

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