How to make a market plan in India for Shopkick and analysis its competitive market analysis

I want the paper is analysed on the shopkick in India market. The paper aimed to provide a detailed marketing Plan and mainly focusing on product categories, whereas data in this guideline are brand specific and are used to determine competitive market conditions and market potential.Please analysis and provide an estimate of India market potential and evaluate strengths and weaknesses of competitive marketing efforts according to guideline and also put the shopkick marketing factors into each. Not basic analysis the marketing plan. The data generated in this step are used to determine the extent of adaptation of the company’s marketing mix necessary for successful market entry and to develop the final step, the action plan. The detailed information needed to complete this guideline is not necessarily available without conducting a thorough marketing research investigation. Thus, another purpose of this part of the country notebook is to identify the correct questions to ask in a formal market study. It is actually a project paper and I want you only do the highlight color. ( the yellow color)

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