How to manage conflict in the workplace

Create a slide presentation of 10–15 slides describing what you do as a human resources professional at Acme Widget. Your presentation should explain the function of human resources management in an organization. Describe some of the things you might do during a typical day, the situations you are likely to encounter, and the interaction skills you tend to use. For example, how do you handle conflicts between employees or between employees and managers? Also you must include how to illustrate the use of active listening and how to use follow-up questions in addressing workplace conflicts. Discuss some of the actions the Human Resources department might take in that kind of situation. In addition, include photos and graphics in your presentation to illustrate your points and keep your audience engaged. And remember that the students are new to the world of human resources, so be sure to explain in your own words any terms you use.

Rubric- 7 line items

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1. Presentation describes the function of human resources in an organization

2. Presentation uses examples to illustrate descriptions of Human Resources functions

3. Presentation is visually interesting and well formatted

4. Presentation uses photos and/or graphics to illustrate points and keep audience interest

5. Presentation explains the interaction skills used to help resolve conflicts in the workplace

6. Presentation includes an analysis of the video, explaining how it illustrates both active listening and asking clarifying questions

7. Any sources of information are cited using APA format, with no major errors

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