How to sell a franchise a business

Review the Andrew Friedman’s You-Tube Video on how to sell a franchise a business. In addition, review the other assigned reading for the week.

Consider the business that you discussed in your week 6 learning activity. Now that they have followed your (hypothetical) advice and have franchised their business, they must start selling franchises to franchises as they are no longer just a small business owner, they are now a FRANCHISOR. What type of person should this FRANCHISOR try to sell their franchises to? How do suggest the FRANCHISOR market and sell their franchises (consider Andrew Friedman and Homsey’s suggestions)?

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minimum of 200 words

You must cite at least 2 of this week’s assigned readings using APA-formatted in-text citations and references listings.

  • Tice, C. (n. d.). Franchise your business in 7 steps. Entrepreneur. Retrieved from
  • Siebert, M. (2011, April 1). Want to be the next Subway? Avoid these costly franchisor mistakes. Entrepreneur. Retrieved from
  • Homsey, H. H. (2008 April). When all else fails, go make a sales call! Franchising World. Retrieved from…

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