Howard College Circumcision Ethical and Legal Problems Paper

  • Length. Write a few paragraphs, between two-thirds of a page and one page long, doubled spaced. Try to keep what you write to one page if you can as it will help you learn to be concise, but if you need more space, that is fine.
  • Content. Your document should reflect that you did the assignment, did the research requested, if any, and gained a good understanding of the material. Completing the assignments will also improve your writing skills. Of course, use your best effort to write in a clear and organized way.

whether you think circumcision is legal under U.S. and international law or not. Virtually everybody in the United States believes that it is, and that is what the American Academy of Pediatrics and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention argue.

On the other hand, are they unbiased and are they right? Legal scholars in the U.S. and Germany (two articles) have been arguing since 1985 that circumcision is unlawful, and a German case and other cases in Europe have agreed.

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