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Scenario: You are currently employed by a national Auto Parts retail chain. You started out as a customer service representative and have moved your way up through the ranks to store manager. Recently your company has indicated that they wish to promote you to District Manager, however, they want you to find your replacement as Store Manager.


Recruiting for labor, whether it is to expand operations or to replace outgoing personnel requires and understanding of the needs of the business and the skills necessary to perform the tasks at hand. When we seek to expand current operations we typically look outside or to new labor. However, when we are looking to replace or promote, we sometimes look internally.


Research different 2 different large, international companies and address the following issues:


1.     Provide 3 different criteria in selecting personnel when filling labor needs and their importance in the selection process.


2.     Provide an advantage and a disadvantage of external selection for this position and an advantage and a disadvantage of internal selection


800 – 1000 words




Unit2 – Individual Project


To provide employees a proper understanding of what their job tasks and requirements are, the manager and company as a whole needs to fully understand the specifics of what is required of the position. This leads to a better job description.


Research a company’s job or position wanted posting and provide the following:


1.     List at least 3 elements of the job which would provide areas within the job description.


2.     Define at least 1 of the job specifications or qualifications required to apply and fill the position.


3.     Based on your identification of the elements and qualifications provide an opinion as to whether the company has conducted a proper analysis of the particular job they are seeking to fill and whether they would be able to gather a pool of qualified applicants.


800 – 1000 words








Unit3 – Individual




Scenario: You are the Human Resources Specialist whose function within the company is to design and conduct performance appraisals of the different employees. However, recently, there has been concern that the appraisals being conducted are not a true objective measure of the employee, and as such, bonus determination is being adversely affected on some of the employees.


Appraisals of an employees’ job performance are used to provide feedback to the employee as to how well or poorly they are conducting their job requirements. Sometimes, appraisals can be used to determine if the person in the position is properly qualified to complete the tasks and assignments of the position.


Research 2 to 3 Fortune 500 companies and their performance appraisal policies:


1.     Identify at least 2 different types of evaluation techniques utilized by companies and identify the purpose of or measure of each technique.


2.     Describe whether the techniques identified measure employee performance in a subjective manner, and if not, why you have come to that conclusion.


Unit4 – Individual




Billy’s Bar-B-Q is looking to set up a new Texas style restaurant. However, unlike the southern locations, they have come to the realization that things like taste, work ethic, and compensation expectations are different in the north.


Compensation and/or benefits employees receive are a reflection of the companies value of the employee’s worth as to that position or the duties required to accomplish the job duties. Compensation could provide motivation for an employee to perform to the best of their abilities, or simply clock in and clock out.


In framing your response, research different compensation polices from piece rate systems to hourly to salary:


1.     Identify different compensation systems and provide the benefits and disadvantages of each.


2.     Define Comparable Worth and explain how companies attempt to compensate their employees based on such a concept and not violate any federal legislation.


Unit5 – Individual


You work for a large technology firm. Recently the human resources department has provided notice that a vacancy has opened up for the District manager position. The notice lists the education and experience qualifications and the duties of the position. The notice further provides the means for applying for the position and that the position will be filled internally rather than looking for an external candidate. Further, the notice provides the deadline as to when candidates who want to be considered should provide the required information.

When looking to fill positions, whether a promotion or new hire, employers must make sure that they properly list the qualifications and requirements of the job so that the candidate can provide to the employer how they are qualified for the position.


This allows the employer to avoid any issue of possible discrimination or improper actions in the hiring and promoting procedure.


In framing your response, review leading legislation that employers must adhere to when dealing with promotions and hiring:


1.     Identify at least 2 pieces of legislation specifically dealing with discrimination in promotion and hiring


2.     Provide at least one advantage and one disadvantage of each piece of legislation


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