Hr data

Part 1

You have been asked to prepare the requirements for an HR dashboard for your organization. The dashboard includespara-data (demographics, compensation, organizational structure, reporting structures by position) already in your organization’s enterprise platform. You will also have the capability to upload and depict attitude and opinion survey data. This organization has 50,000 employees all over the United States and abroad, and they represent over 100 occupations, from merchant sailors to marine architects.

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Search the Internet for potential products to support this project, and describe them with respect to the attributes described above. Please do consider cost, but not as a determining point. The key attribute of platform selection is usability.

How easy is it to use, upload data, and create graphical depictions and array data to respond to critical decision-influencing questions?

Part 2

Common to today’s business environment is the presence of powerful data management and depiction platforms, as well as sophisticated data record systems. We can call upon these tools to provide us with HRM-related data to assist in accessing many different aspects of organizational life. Gender, race, ethnicity, time in the organization, training information, occupational fields, office (or section, unit, division, or branch), and compensation levels are but a few of the data elements we can see and manipulate.

What are some of the insights we can draw from organizational demographic data and information, and how might it influence and inform the organization?

Are there any important and useful demographic elements that have not been monitored?

o Report them and describe why they are valuable HR demographic measures.

What are some of the internal factors that influence and inform other demographic data elements that are not included?

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