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Post a minimum of 250 words, but make sure it is an original post concerning the following:

Scenario: Your boss tells you the company is suffering losses in the market, and if some employees are not laid off in the next 3 months, the company may not survive.

Based on your knowledge:

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  • Discuss what options you would consider, and why, when planning for a reduction in the workforce.
  • Why would your choices for planning a reduction in the workforce be preferable to others?

You can choose more than one option from the table.

Unit 4 Journal Grading Rubric

Points possible out of a total of 40 points

Based on the scenario workforce reduction and Table 5.2:

  1. Discusses what options you would consider when planning a reduction in the workforce based on the scenario.
  2. Explains why those options would be preferable (selecting one or more options from Table 5.2).



  • Response shows originality and use of correct spelling and grammar.



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