impact of change on an organisation



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Due date: Time: Value: Length: Based on:

Friday, 18 May 2018
23:59 hours (Australian Eastern Standard Time)
2200 words ± 10%
Modules 1-10
Learning outcomes 1-3
Electronically through MyLO Assignment Submission Folder

Before attempting this assignment:


Ensure the ‘Assessment’ section in this Unit Outline is read and understood. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the lecturer.

Ensure you understand the assignment question(s) and/or tasks. Once again, consult your lecturer should you be unsure of any matters.

Note: All students are required to submit this assignment to be eligible to undertake the final unit examination.

Task description & requirements

Preliminary preparation:

  1. Select any company involved in the Transport and Logistics industry, preferably your own organisation or one you are familiar with upon which to base your answer. It can be the same organisation that you used for Assignment 2. As the nature of the information may be industry sensitive you can be assured of our care to maintain confidentiality.
  2. Should you select the same organisation as for Assignment 2 you will still need to provide the organisational information in this assignment even though you have provided it previously. You must clearly identify the company, providing the full and real name of the organisation in your answer.
  3. Provide a brief description of the company, the nature of the business and the approximate number of persons employed by the company. Include an organisational chart if available (please do not spend time reproducing the chart – a scanned copy or one from the website included as an Appendix is acceptable). This section should not be calculated in your word count as it provides the assessor with background information.


Department of Maritime and Logistics Management JNB517 Management 19

  1. Should you not have a suitable organisation upon which to base your answer please contact the Unit Lecturer.
  2. Identify a situation in your organisation, department or work group where you would like to make a change. You are encouraged to contact the Unit Lecturer to discuss your topic choice before starting the assignment.

Assignment tasks:

  1. Identify clearly and specifically the change that you wish to introduce, explaining why it is needed. [5 Marks]
  2. Provide a brief analysis of the current organisational conditions including but not limited to the following areas of interest:
    •  Impact on culture
    •  Likely resistance
    •  The pressure for change
    •  The stakeholders involved and their likely reactions
    •  Impact on motivation and use of teams [10 Marks]
  3. On the basis of your analysis, provide recommendations for the implementation of the change. Your answer must address strategies and leadership matters to overcome resistance to change and to encourage engagement throughout the change process. [10 Marks]

Required (supporting your response/answer):

Throughout your answer use examples, either real or hypothetical to illustrate your understanding. If you are or have been employed in a suitable organisation, you are encouraged to use your work situation where appropriate to explain the ideas.

Primary resources and readings provided in the study guide or ones you have independently sourced must be accessed to support your position.

See the Essay/report assessment criteria sheet on the following page for information about the criteria and the standards by which your work will be judged.

Department of Maritime and Logistics Management JNB517 Management 20

Unit code: JNB517 Assessor:

Assignment 3 feedback form: Essay

Date: Grade/Mark:

Unit title: Management

Assessment criteria

High Distinction*





1. Depth & breadth of knowledge demonstrated

All relevant concepts clearly explained

Evidence of wide reading & independent research

Main concepts covered and clearly explained

Range of resources used with discrimination

Main concepts covered but some not clearly explained

Reasonable use of some quality resources

A number of important concepts overlooked or insufficiently described

Limited use of some quality resources

Majority of key concepts not addressed or misunderstood

Little/no evidence of use of resources

2. Quality of thinking in evidence


2.1. Application of theory to solve problems/issues



All theory applied with precision


Most theory applied proficiently

Some important theory not applied appropriately

Limit application of theory


No theory applied


2.2 Depth of analysis &/or evaluation

Identifies the significance of all relevant factors

Critically & comprehensively evaluates evidence, experiences, practice

Identifies most factors & their significance

To good depth, evaluates core evidence, experience, practice

Identifies most factors but some significance/interr elationship ignored

Reasonable evaluation of evidence, experience, practice

Overlooks a number of important factors &/or inter- relationships

Shallow evaluation of evidence, experience, practice

Most factors and their inter- relationships overlooked

Little attempt to evaluate evidence, experience, practice

page21image3762226784 page21image3762227248 page21image3762230080

3. Quality of communication

3.1 Logical structure & organisation

Organisational methods effectively used to facilitate understanding

Very Clear & coherent flow of ideas

Generally organised to facilitate understanding

Mostly clear & logical

page21image3762261904 page21image3762262320

Reasonable organisation

Basically clear and logical

Organisation ineffective

Aspects unclear/illogical

No meaningful organisation

Generally illogical & unclear

3.2 Clarity & succinctness of writing

Crystal clear, precise & appropriate

Technically error- free

Mostly very clear & appropriate

Technically, mostly error-free

page21image3764733872 page21image3764735184

Occasionally unclear or inappropriate

Some technical errors

page21image3764726496 page21image3764727040

Frequently unclear &/or inappropriate

Numerous technical errors

Generally unclear &/or inappropriate

Technically, deficient to the point of distraction

4. Conformance to referencing standards and MLM formatting guidelines

4.1 Referencing

Sources acknowledged professionally

Sources in the main acknowledged professionally

page21image3765475664 page21image3765475024

Some important sources are inappropriately acknowledged

Significant lapses in appropriately acknowledging sources

Sources poorly acknowledged

4.2 Layout/format

Faultless application of prescribed style

prescribed style applied with occasional errors

page21image3762680272 page21image3762682528

prescribed style basically applied with frequent

Inconsistent application of prescribed style

Incorrect style

* Please note that the criteria listed above are not necessarily of equal weighting, nor are they all-inclusive; they give an indication of your performance.

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