in this assignment you will decide among alternative strategies to answer the question what strategies should the company pursue |


You will practice your analytical and problem solving skills, weight among alternatives, provide recommendations, and present your findings in a concise and coherent manner by preparing a professional report.


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  1. Select the same company you used for your week two (2) individual assignment.
  2. Write a paper no more than 500 words in which you discuss what strategies the company should pursue.
    • Go to the company’s website and click on Newsroom.
    • Read through the most recent 10 press releases.
    • Determine two strategies the company is actually pursuing.
    • Give at least two (2) pros and at least two (2) cons of those new strategies the company is pursuing.
    • What strategy or strategies would you recommend the company pursues? Explain the rationale for proposing the selected strategy or strategies.
    • Present an outline as to how to achieve these strategies. For example, you recommended “cooperation among competitors”, outline steps the company needs to take in order to achieve this strategy.

Examples of strategies to recommend:

Strategies: Cooperation among competitors, joint venture/partnering, merger/acquisition, private equity acquisitions, first-mover advantage, outsourcing, etc. Would you recommend that the company consider a combination of multiple strategies? Why?

Below are strategies that you could propose to management. Avoid playing it safe by not recommending any strategies. In the event that you would not recommend a combination of multiple strategies, present valid evidence to support your position.

  • Backward integration
  • Related diversification
  • Forward integration
  • Unrelated diversification
  • Horizontal integration
  • Retrenchment
  • Product development
  • Divestiture
  • Market development
  • Liquidation
  • Product penetration

APA Requirement:


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