Indiana University Artificial Intelligence Presentation

Create an 8-10 slide narrated PowerPoint presentation examining a current ethical concern within your area of specialization. If you need guidance for adding audio to your slides, please review the “PowerPoint Audio Recording Steps”.

Choose a topic for which there is a current debate or ongoing dialogue about the ethical issues involved. Describe the topic and ethical issues clearly, summarizing opposing viewpoints regarding the topic. Take a position regarding the issues, and support your position. Explore how your personal background contributed to your perspective on this topic.

Examples of topics with current debate or dialogue around ethical issues include the following:

  • Artificial intelligence applied in the work of psychology professionals
  • Forensic psychology professionals’ involvement in capital cases
  • Increasing requirements (i.e., credentials) needed to conduct psychological testing
  • Telepsychology or computer-mediated therapy
  • The role of psychology professionals in informing the National Instant Criminal Background Check System

Once you select a topic, identify and review at least five scholarly articles from the Library pertaining to your topic, in addition to your textbook. Identify relevant and important points from these readings. Use these to establish your position on the topic. After synthesizing the ideas from the readings (articles and textbook), reflect on your personal background (biases, beliefs, values, etc.), and discuss how this could influence your position on this topic.

Be sure to address the following in your presentation:

  • Provide background information to introduce the topic. Why is it relevant and important in psychology today?
  • What is the nature of the debate or discussion related to this topic?
  • What are the opposing viewpoints or perspectives on this topic?
  • Which APA Ethical Standards apply and how?
  • How does the APA Ethics Code contribute to our understanding of how to approach this topic? How is the APA Ethics Code limited in relation to providing guidance on this particular topic?
  • Given the information and evidence you reviewed, what is your position on this topic, and why?
  • How might your personal background contribute to your position on this topic?

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