Individual case (4pages)

Case I: Strategy Basics in Dicks Sporting Goods (DKS)

An important discussion in class is that all strategies rely on a combination of bounded rationality and resource heterogeneity. This case assignment is intended to help you begin to explore this statement in more detail. Your assignment is to study an assigned company, review the publicly available material on the firm’s website and in SEC filings to determine how bounded rationality limits the firm and what are firm’s critical resources. The specifics of the assignment are to identify three (3) issues of incomplete information, cognitive differences, bias or lack of time that are evidenced in the firm’s strategy and identify the three (3) most critical resources the firm deploys in its strategy that are not held by all competitors.

Important notes: The assignment requires you to become familiar with the company and its strategy. The best sources for doing this are to examine the firm’s website, its annual report, and its most recent 10-K filing with the U.S. Security and Exchange Commission (SEC). All of these documents are available from the firm’s website and the Annual Report and 10-K filing can also be retrieved from Mergent Online. Instructions for accessing Mergent Online are available in Blackboard. All answers should be supported by data and the data should be properly cited and referenced in the paper.

Grading Element

Maximum points possible

Does the paper answer the question posed for the assignment in a logical, well-supported manner?


Is the answer supported by well-researched data, that is properly cited and referenced?


Is the writing clear, concise, and free of grammatical, spelling and format errors?




Writing Specifics: This paper should be 3.5-4 pages, double-spaced, 12-point Times Roman, one-inch margin on all sides and written at a graduate level. Students should follow “Writing Guide” on blackboard ( I attacked the file below). All papers may be submitted to a plagiarism-checking website to ensure authenticity of authorship.

Submission Specifics: All papers should be submitted in Word docx file format.

Suggested Outline:

I.Identify the assignment and the firm.

II.Briefly describe the firm, its basic strategy, and performance information, including most recent year revenues, net profits, and any significant opportunities the firm faces.

III.Identify and explain three (3) areas the firm’s strategy is affected by its bounded rationality. An example might be that firm focused on fashion for 18-34 year old consumers has a bias towards that age group. How does this bias shape the firm’s strategy, include possibly limit the firm’s ability to grow?

IV.Identify and explain the three (3) most significant resources the firm possesses that most of its competitors do not possess or do not possess at the same level. Potential resources could be specific brands, creative processes, or alliances with other firms.

V.A conclusion which briefly (one paragraph) explores how bounded rationality and resource heterogeneity shape the firm’s strategy and may help or limit the firm’s success in the future.

VI.References (APA Style) to support citations in the paper.

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