Influence of social media on political campaigns PowerPoint presentation

The American political landscape has evolved in the last decade. The internet in general and social media in particular are big factors in this evolution. The era of plain old school politics is long gone and in its place is the use of social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. These have succeeded in changing how political campaigns are run and the way that politicians interact with their constituents.

For this presentation, you would endeavor to look at how social media has influenced political campaigns in the United States by using agenda setting and framing theories. It would appear that the media has been able to set the agenda for political discuss as showcased in the last US Presidential election cycle. It would be interesting to explore how the media has framed political issues and investigate the efficacy of such methods.

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You would examine the existing literature and research to try to figure out how the media utilized agenda setting to provide political talking points that set the agenda for political discussion. For campaigns to be trending, they need media coverage to promote the ideas that they stand for. The media also frames how the public perceives the issues at hand. Political topics are strategically placed during news coverage to generate buzz and get the public talking.

Prepare 10 PowerPoint slides to showcase your work investigating all the above. The 11th slide should contain your references. Use the APA writing format.

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