Part 1 (65%)
Complete the Skills Review – starting at Step 3 on page Access 19 – Access 21 in Module 1: Getting Started with Access 2016. You must create a new database, so pay close attention to Step 3.a You are “not” required to print the tables for Step 8.c
(Note: the ProspectID field should be set as the primary key for the Prospects table after Step 3.b)

Name the Access database Last Name_LakeHomeMarketing (i.e. Smith_ LakeHomeMarketing).

Part 2 (35%)

A) What are alternate terms we use for an entity, a field, and a tuple? (provide at least 2 alternate terms for each, and ensure your response clearly aligns the terms)

B) Open the completed Last

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Name_LakeHomeMarketing database from Part 1 and:

1. List the name of each entity (table) and its primary key

2 . What is the degree of each table

3. List the names of all fields in each table

4. Describe the relationship(s) in the database (which entities are involved, what fields are used to establish the relationship, and type of relationship)

Provide your responses in a word compatible document, and include the question with each response. Name your document Last Name_Assignment2 (i.e. Smith_Assignment2).

Include the questions for Part 2 – use APA style for all citations and references

Ensure both the Access database file from Part A, and the Part B word document are attached before submitting your work.

Please find attached Part 1 in

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