information analysis

Jesse wants me to recommend a vendor who offers an ERP strategy. I need to review the

SAP and Oracle Web sites, and at least two others that offer ERP solutions, and reply to her

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with the results and the reasons for my recommendations.

2. Visit SCR’s data library to review SCR’s network configuration and then send Jesse a

recommendation for the TIMS system architecture. She wants me to suggest an overall

client/server design, number of tiers, and network topology. She also asked me to comment

on these issues: legacy data, Web-centricity, scalability, security, and batch processing that

might be needed. Jesse said it was OK to make reasonable assumptions in my proposal to


3. Perform research on the Internet to learn more about TCO, and develop a TCO checklist

that includes the five most important elements of TCO, because of their magnitude or

potential impact on TIMS.

I attach an example of the solution

chapter 10

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