Information Systems Management of a Company

This paper is the review and analysis of an organization’s information system(s). Students will use the following outline for their final paper:

a. Detailed introduction about the organization including, but not limited to: Overall description of the organization; description of end-product or service, organizational structure (org. chart) and list of all locations.
b. Detailed description of IT system(s) including number and functions of personnel in the IT department;
c. Description of the IT system(s) as it (they) relate to the organization;
d. Analysis of system(s) as it (they) relate to the effectiveness of the organization;
e. Literature search exploring similar organizations and the systems that are used in parallel environments including but not limited to:
i. Similar industries/competitors;
ii. Similar organizational structures;
iii. Similar systems and platforms;
f. Critical analysis of the literature search including a thorough comparison and contrast of the findings combined with the student’s personal knowledge of the situation.
g. Final analysis of the effectiveness of the systems within the student’s organization;
h. Conclusions and Recommendations

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The paper must be written in APA format, 12 point font, double-spaced with citations for all material that is not the student’s original thought. The paper should be 7+ pages in length, and a Reference List must be included (instead of a Bibliography).

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