Information Technology Governance Paper

Alignment Discussion


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This exercise is to help you see how well your organization is aligned with business and IT strategy.

As you begin this assignment, think about 7-10 projects in your organization. Use budget size, risk, or expected impact to choose.

On a sheet of paper or using your computer, draw two circles, one each to represent short- and long-term goals. Draw a triangle for capabilities; size and overlap may change as you create your chart.

Once you’ve drawn your chart, plot your 7-10 projects into the appropriate location. If a project achieves multiple goals, and also builds capacity, plot it at the intersection. If it is unclear where a project goes, list it as an outlier (outside the circles/triangle).

The following video will explain the purpose of this assignment, as well as provide some insight into the various types of organizations. Once you have finished watching the video, submit your chart to the discussion board. Then, explain which of the three types of organizations your chart fits into and briefly explain why you think that might be the case.

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