Innovation Essay

Guidelines and details for Application Report:

Find a recent article discussing an innovative way in which a corporation is helping the environment. Explain why the method is innovative and whether you believe the method will really help the environment or will only help the company promote its image as a good citizen. Use parts of this chapter to evaluate your answer.

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Grading Criteria – Unit 4 Application Report – Corporate Innovation


Describes an innovative way a corporation is helping the environment, citing research. No more than 15% of the submission is direct quote. Student relies on summary and paraphrase to demonstrate understanding of material.Student incorporates material from Weiss as well as the article cited.


Explains why the method is innovative, and whether the method will help the environment or just improve the company’s image.


Contains no grammatical or mechanical errors


Submission is no fewer than 600 words inclusive of references


Includes APA-formatted in-text citations and References page. REQUIRED. . At least TWO sources are cited – Weiss and the researched article the student found.




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