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. Please read the instructions in the right column carefully. The presentation should be about 10 minutes long with a minimum of 10 slides. Please upload your presentation to Ilearn once you have done it in class. Presentations will occur onApril26& May 3.

International Sectors

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The International Development Sector

(Firms, NGO’s, Intergovs, Government,Charities)

The Assignment


B. Develop a ten minute presentation that highlights your basic understanding of the sector. Please describe the employment structures and career positions that might be available to international business majors at the Entry, Middle, & Upper levels of organizations in this sector. Below are some questions you might answer in putting together your presentation.

**Group Presentation: Factors to Consider in Career Sector Presentation

  1. Describe the main characteristics of the sector chosen: impact on economy etc.
  2. Explain the impact of dynamic firms impacting careers in the sector
  3. What are the major types of jobs, professions, careers in this sector
  4. Describe any special certifications or sector training programs that impact careers
  5. What is the distribution of the major job categories, employment contract types and working arrangements: Main Positions for: A. Entry-level, Mid-Career, Top Management;
  6. Present some practical strategies for finding work in this sector at home or abroad.
  7. There should be minimum of 12 slides and please include references on the last slide

OR the dominant employment arrangements: service, white collar, blue collar; part-time, full-time, contract worker; In-office, telecommute, flex-time, multiple-role jobs etc.

create the powerpoint and outline in word doc powerpoint add pictures and make it look creative

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