Is this qualitative or quantitative?

Using the study, A Randomized, Clinical Trial of Education or Motivational-Interviewing-Based Coaching Compared to Usual Care to Improve Cancer Pain Management, which is Appendix A in your text, answer the following.

  • Is this a qualitative or quantitative study? State your rationale for your answer.
  • What is the study design?
  • Is the design appropriate for the research question/hypothesis?
  • What are some possible threats to internal validity?

    This doesnt have to be in a certain format and there isnt a requirement on the word count. As long as all parts of the question are answered, I should be okay.

    Here is the book information where you can find Appendix A

    TitleNursing ResearchAuthorGeri LoBiondo-Wood; Judith HaberISBN


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