it management 17 |

1200 Words total. 3 APA cited references and reference list. No Plagiarism!!!

1.Describe the difference between the Economic Theory and the Behavioral Theory of how information systems affect organizations.

2. How can manager’s roles be enhanced with a well-integrated information system? How can their roles be diminished with a poorly-integrated information system?

3. Answer the following about your own firm:

a. Describe the structure of the industry in which your firm is located.
b. Describe the business, firm, and industry value chains for your firm.
c. Describe how your firm aligned its IT with its business strategy and goals.

4. Describe how your quality of life has improved or declined with the technological advances in the last five years.

5. To what extent should


Service Providers be held liable and accountable for the use of their equipment?

for question 6, 250 words total. 2 APA cited references and reference list. No Plagiarism!!!

6.The challenge of personal and professional privacy is at risk with the when


use technologies like cookies, web beacons and spyware. In at least 250 words and two scholarly sources, explain what you can do to help minimize the risk caused by these technologies.


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