Joint Pain

Joint Pain

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For full credit on discussions, you  must address all questions to be considered (see instructions below).

It is estimated that 1 in 5 Americans suffer from arthritis.  Most sufferers experience the onset of symptoms as adults, but arthritis can even affect young children.  There are many types of arthritis, each characterized by the cause and type of damage to the join(s) involved.  In this module, you will watch a short video on types of arthritis, and read two articles.  The first is entitled “The Myths and Facts About Joint Pain” and the second is an article about foods that can trigger gout, which is a chemical form of arthritis. 

For this discussion, please give your personal response to one or more of the links.  Did you learn something that you were not aware of before?  You may include personal experience, as long as it is related to content.  The discussion closes on Friday and is worth 10 points as a assignment grade.

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