Kendra’s Story The following case scenario illustrates how grief counseling helped the parents with three other children cope during the terminal stage of one child’s cancer, her

loss, and the bereavement process that followed the child’s death.
A family of two parents and four children had been struggling valiantly for several years with treatment of one of their children for brain cancer. Kendra was an

elementary school?aged child who, by reason of an unrelated condition, had been both heroically independent and needfully more dependent on her parents throughout her

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young life. This situation set the stage for bitter irony at her prognosis of terminal cancer and acute separation distress after her death.
Kendra’s siblings each had their own unique and special relationship with her. The oncologists waited to determine the child’s eligibility for hospice care until every

possible hope had been exhausted, as the parents would have desired and expected. Kendra was considered to be just a few days away from death when she came on hospice

service. The parents?not wanting to upset either Kendra or her siblings with anticipatory grief?were distressed about whether and how to tell their other children the

truth about their sister’s critical status. A counselor was called in as part of the interdisciplinary team to assist them in coping and decision making.

Counselor Consultation Assignment: How would you respond to this family (Parents/Children)? How & why would you conduct a Grief/Bereavement Assessment? What would

you suggest as treatment goals/interventions? What are your recommendations and thoughts regarding counseling interventions and support after Kendra?s death? Would you

work alone or with a team on this case? Why and Describe!
Some of the strengths of the family you can create your self
You as a consoler/ Seek help ?family counselor, death and dying counselor, medical doctor , hospice staff, clergy
The parents are having a bad time telling the children ? How you will handle that
Fill in generalities and about the family (gender, age, family life style, religion etc.)
He is really interested how you are going to make the application to solve the situation.
Strength base assessment and age appreciate counseling for the children.
You can role play to get ideas
What are your recommendations for mom dad and kids?

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